The Influence Of Sociology

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1. Sociology is the scientific study of human life, groups, and societies (Giddens et al. pg 4). According to Sally Raskoff, “Sociology and other sciences can help us attain perspective about things we don’t understand” (Raskoff, par. 10). Sociology allows for individuals to apply theories and perspectives to understand why things happen, such as cyber bullying and suicide (Giddens et al. pg 9). Sociology also focuses on breaking free from personal situations and putting things into a wider context (Giddens et al. pg 6). This allows for individuals to analyze the world with different points of view, so that they may interpret the world as someone else would (Giddens et al. pg 6).
With perspectives, individuals can experience the world through
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pg 11). Social facts are defined as the aspects of social life that shape our actions as individuals (Giddens et al. pg 11). By understanding social facts, sociologist will gain insight into the reasons why certain individuals act a certain way because they will understand the social limitations that were placed on said individuals (Giddens et al. pg 11). Also, by understanding social facts, sociologist are able to understand concepts that affect the modern world, such as globalization and social change. For example, as the world has become more globalized, meaning that social, local, and economic phenomenons have developed, change has happened to cultural concepts, such as marriage (Giddens et al. pg 8-9). Simply by comprehending social change and globalization sociologist will gain insight into social movements that impact society, which fulfills sociology's original goal to understand the world and its future (Giddens et al. pg 8-9).
Overall, sociology helps individuals understand the unknown by using theories, such as social imagination to comprehend someone else’s point of view. Sociology also forces sociologist to think of the symbols of a culture, which assists them in understanding the nature of the culture. However, only using one method or perspective to analyze a situation will result in a limited appreciation of other’s contributions. This means that one will not be able to experience the different viewpoints that other theories

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