Essay Unions and Management

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Final Paper
Ashley Ford
BUS372: Employee & Labor Relations
Felicia Bridgewater

Final Paper Unions are meant to represent employees in negotiations with management in the organizations in which they work. Not all organizations are union companies; there are actually more non-union companies than there are ones that are represented by unions. It is important for union representatives and management personnel to get along and work together when trying to negotiate terms of employee contracts and resolving issues that arise in everyday work situations. In this paper we will look at the roles of the union in an organization and the role of management in an organization. We will also explore strategies that unions
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21-22). “The power of labor unions rests in their two main tools of influence: restricting labor supply and increasing labor demand” (Radcliffe, B., 2009). Basically when unions negotiate wages for employees they ask for higher pay which may make the employers lower the number of hours that they are allowed to work. This will reduce the need for labor as employers don’t want to pay more people higher wages so the union may decide to focus more on increasing the demand for labor and settling on a lower wage (Radcliffe, B., 2009). Unions also negotiate benefits such as health care coverage, vacation time, 401k and other benefits. They represent the employee when an injustice occurs or someone feels they were terminated without cause. Unions also have the responsibility of continuing training and education for its members. Unions have many roles in an organization and these are just a few of them, because of what they represent and that they are there for the employees there is often conflict with management.
The Role of Management in an Organization Management in an organization has a large and diverse set of roles. They are responsible for dealing with employees and resolving issues; they work with unions when a union is present and negotiate with them regarding their demands. Managers are to be up to date on the state of the economy and they are responsible for productivity

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