Unhealthy Workplace: A Case Study

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Some time ago I worked in residential care in Glasgow, here we had separate care teams (A and B). One support worker from our group B (Paul) split up from his civil partner (Den, who had involvements in criminal acts). One day a local newspaper produced an article detailing a criminal court action depicting Den staying next to Paul. Thus caused Paul to be depressed, but myself and the other support workers tried to lift his spirits discovering our temporary group "A" leader (Moira) approached a supervisor asking him to fire Paul because he brought "unfavourable publicity for our care users".
Her suggestion was declined, but soon after our team leader became depressively ill, Moira replaced her temporarily, but she continued her assault on Paul. One time Paul was putting together a Care plan for one of the service users with
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"When managers act responsibly in leadership roles offering employees the necessary skill training and environment to do a good job, we do not see as much discrimination in the workplace," according to the American 's Global Post (l. Finn. 2013). Situations like the one described give grounds for law cases. For instance, during 2011-12, employment tribunals received 186,300 claims (15% lower than 2010-11) with the biggest amounts of claims made in the Working Time Directive (94,700) (Ministry of Justice. 2012) with one of the cases highlighted in 2013 by BBC News regarding Nadia Ewedia who won it against British Airways (BA) for refusal for wearing a Christian cross visibly at work. Nadia Eweida claimed she suffered discrimination at work over her Christian beliefs with the European Court of Human Rights ECHR deciding BA had not struck a fair balance between Ms Eweida 's religious beliefs and the company 's wish to "project a certain corporate image" and Ms Eweida 's rights had been violated under Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights (BBC News UK.

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