Ungraded Classroom Essay

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The academic achievement in current schools can be either streesfful for some students, or not challenging enough for others. By implementing ungraded classroom for out students many benefits can raise for the academic performance of our students. Allowing students to be placed in a classroom based on their performance rather than their age will help students learn at their leisure. The solution of implementing ungraded classroom will be allow students attend classes that are at there academic level, help students who need the additional support in specific subjects, and remove the stress some teachers face daily. Ungraded classroom demonstrates to be promosing to everyone involved to help students fall in love with learning.
One reason ungraded classroom will help students, is be allowing students to attend classes that are at their academic level. For example, if a students is excelling in math they will be placed in a high math
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Teachers are constantly pressured to teach subjects to students who are at different academic levels. Some students might need additional explanations, and some students need to be challenged academically. Placing students in classes based on their performance will help teachers teach at the level of the class, instead on the level of a range group of students. Also, teachers will no longer be concern with the subject matter they did not cover for the school year. Instead, teachers can be proud of the academic performance students started at the beginning of the year and how much they have improved through the year. The pressure for teachers to complete a series of subjects for students to learn, in nine to ten months, can help teachers focus on additional time on the context a group of students are not understanding. Removing pressure from teachers, will benefit students who need the extra support to learn a subject they are struggling in

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