Unequal Funding Of Public Education Essay

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Unequal Funding of Public Education

On October 12, 2012 families flocked to the movie theaters in order to see the hilarious Kevin James in Here Comes the Boom. While the cinematic flic is genuinely funny and heartwarming, many people missed the biggest impact of the movie: the advertisement of unequal funding of public education in the United States. Across the nation there is a huge disparity between public schools being well-funded and those that are not. These school reside mostly within the same state but specifically within the same district. According to ascd.org, “[p]ublic school funding in the United States comes from federal, state, and local sources,” yet most of of those funds come from “local property taxes” (Berliner, 2012). When the states allocate public education funding from local property taxes, there is a huge problem that exists. By depending on the local property wealth within each district creates an immediate diversity amongst school in run-down, lower class areas and schools in upper class area. Allowing the local property wealth to dictate the funding of a public high is a huge detriment to the families not wealthy enough to move into a good neighborhood.
The solution for this is simple: equalize the funding. If there was to be a federal mandate that declared that every state must provide funding with a minimum amount of per student dollars on a state by state basis, a rise in public education quality would go up. What does this minimum look…

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