Understanding The Process Of Human Development Essay

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There are various stages which constitute development in human beings which take place during the lifespan, including birth, infancy, early and late adolescence, early and late adulthood and death. Humans experience many biological, emotional, psychological and social changes during these stages, many which occur simultaneously, or independent of each other. The characteristics of these stages may be comparatively similar and different when observing the two genders, but there are also similarities and differences within the same gender group. In addition, there are cultural characteristics that make the life stages similar or different between the genders. In essence, the process of human development is a very complex and varied experience involving a plethora of changes and outcomes shared across the lifetime of the human species.
Adolescence is arguably one of the most comprehensive life stages, encompassing the transition from existing as a child, to the initial stages of becoming an adult. During this stage, children have to process transitioning from playing with toys to being attracted to girls and/or boys all in a time frame of approximately 10 to 12 years, which can be very taxing on the mind, body and soul. Therefore, one may theorize that the adolescent stage of life may include life experiences such as peer pressure, bullying, drug and alcohol experimentation, depression and suicide as young adults striving to succeed in this stage and positively transition…

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