Understanding The Process Of Ageing As A Mass Phenomenon Essay

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To understand the process of ageing as a mass phenomenon and the attempt to break away from the existing structures of the normative and stereotypes, one needs to understand the constant tension between the personal narrative and the cultural narrative, what Hannah Zeiling calls as the meta -narrative. A life course in today’s typical gen industrial world is preeminently structured. It includes the age based transitions recorded and legitimized by the state which further authenticate certain social processes. The use of law, appearance, behavior, profession, work, living habits to include a few is some of the few institutions that validate age and thereby old age when a person advances in the number of living years. For e.g., in today’s world , the dob certificate or a driving license card authenticates certain social process, similarly objects such as a pension card validate an age as old. These are bureaucratically organized signs that can be used as identifiers of age. However, the process of categorization does not limit here. Individuals are categorized not just by bureaucratic signs but through visual markers. The most basic of the example is that of an arched back, grey and falling hair, broken decaying teeth and loss of sight and hearing abilities. These symbols have become social markers to categorize and classify people as old. Similarly a walking stick or the concept of a wheelchair more than associating itself to an individual with a certain disability or…

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