Understanding Of Team Forming And The Different Stages That Compose It

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The first point to analyze will be the understanding of team forming and the different stages that compose it. Leadership and team conforming stages familiarity are very important and Christine lacks both. Christine and her team are still in the first stage of team forming. From the beginning she should have release all team norms, create a plan of actions so their team get organized to achieve their goals. The members of this team have not organized at all and lack the motivation to participate in any of the activities given in their assignment. (Pg. 156)
Furthermore, Christine’s leadership abilities are null, she might have good intentions but a good leader is the one that inspire and let other people follow them. She needs to encourage and inspire her team to participate in the group activities. One of the traits of an effective leader is the ability to envision success and take actions to obtain excellent results toward their goal. (Pg. 175)
In addition, an effective team leader cannot panic at the first sign of trouble within the team members. It only demonstrates Christine’s poor character. Even her abilities to make the team agree to assist to any of their meetings because they are not motivated to do so. Christine is not a good team leader. There are many reasons why she is not a good team leader: her fear to say something inappropriate to her team members, the fear to act as a team leader, to set the goals and objectives for the team, her poor communications skills,…

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