Understanding Multimedia Essay

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Multimedia and Information

Aims To define data, information, communication, digital data To define Multimedia and explore it's importance in business and management
Question: How can the owner of a pub or cocktail bar or the manager of a train station make money by understanding the effects that music has on people? To introduce the Internet To make the distinction between "multimedia for business" and "business for multmedia"

What is Multimedia ?
Definition: Multimedia is the seamless integration of all the different media of human communication plus Interactivity - in our case to deliver information. Still images Video Animation Sound Text INTERACTIVITY
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Aspect Ratio is the ratio of a picture's width/height. The standard for traditional TV is also 4:3. HDTV and SDTV-widescreen video has a ratio of 16:9.
Common File formats for Bitmaps are : BMP, TIFF, TGA, GIF and JPG
Screensavers: programs designed to save the screens phosphorous coating from over

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