Understand how to establish an effective team Essay example

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The benefits of effective working relationships in developing and maintaining the team

For a team to be effective it is important that good working relationships exist between team members and between the team and the manager as this will lead to the benefits of more effective team working and improved morale through:
Improved effective communications – team members will understand each other better and be willing to share ideas and give support to other team members. Potential conflict situations can be avoided
Commitment – Team members will understand and accept the team goals and be willing to share in achieving them. This will increase motivation
Loyalty, openness and honesty-
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This begins with management not being aloof, as well as getting out and meeting the troops. This should be followed by leaders seeking opinions and ideas (and giving credit for them), knowing the names of employees and their families and treating one and all with genuine respect.

4. Focus on shared, rather than personal goals. When employees feel everyone is pulling together to accomplish a shared vision, rather than a series of personal agendas, trust results. This is the essence of teamwork. When a team really works, the players/team members trust one another.

5. Do what’s right, regardless of personal risk. We all know intuitively what’s “right” in nearly every situation. Following this instinctive sense, and ignoring any personal consequences will nearly always create respect from those around us. From this respect will come trust.

Explain the role of communication in developing effective team working

Good communication enables the team to understand, exchange and share information. Through company documentation and team briefings team members are able to understand the organisation’s policies and procedures and the requirements of their job role. This also enables them to understand team goals and objectives . Through team meetings problem solving , decision making and creative thinking is improved when all members of the team are involved and

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