Underage Drinking Is A Major Problem Essay

2227 Words Dec 6th, 2015 9 Pages
After a long with your day with the family you’re driving in the night, exhausted and wanting to desperately get to your home. You’re minding your own business as you pass a green light, then a car who’s speeding and swerving takes the red light and rams into your car at high speeds. Your daughter, who’s only seven, is instantly killed as well as your wife. The other driver is a drunk teenager and is driving home from a party. The teenager walks away from the accident while you mourn the loss of your family. Underage drinking has become a major problem in our society and many of these situations happen in reality due to irresponsible behavior from drunk teens. People who participate in underage drinking tend to not think about the consequences they have on their health and the people around them.
They’re out having a good time at parties binge drinking and decide that they’re fine to drive, as soon as they step into the car and turn the key, they just put himself and the people in danger. We as a society must think of ways to help lower underage binge drinking and teach teens the consequences of their actions by educating them on alcohol and drinking in moderation, parents influencing their children to try and stay away from alcohol, and reduce the accessibility of alcohol.
Since the rise in the age of the legal age of drinking, it has driven underage drinking to underground parties where teens take it too far and don 't drink in moderation. Statistics have shown that

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