Underage Drinking At Their Homes With Parental Consent Essay

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Minors Drinking in Their Homes With Parental Consent
The idea has been do not drink until the age of twenty-one, but why is twenty-one significant and special? Why should people under the legal age not be allowed to drink under parental supervision within their homes? The idea is that drinking under the legal age will cause harm to the body of the consumer or even cause the person to become an alcoholic before they enter into adulthood. There has been many different research studies trying to determine all different factors that drive adolescents to drink. Could this cause be partly influenced by overparenting or under parenting the child?
Teens and young adults will start drinking because of a variety of reasons, some do it to be considered cool, to fit in at school, or to give them something to do at a social gathering. In some situations though it is possibly just because drinking is part of their lives at home or just as a part of their community (Komoro, 2007). An adolescent will adopt most of these alcohol consumption traits from their parents or other family members. When they are caught doing such activities and the child is not properly disciplined or monitored, they continue to do it. Some parents may even encourage drinking and help them obtain alcohol, but most kids will take it upon themselves to know their limitations and know how far to go until it will start doing damage to their bodies. The way alcohol is advertised is also a reason why…

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