Essay on Underage Drinking And Its Effect On Children

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Underage Drinking In today’s society, drinking has become the thing to do among many high school and college students. Most of these students are just looking for a way to fit in or become part of a group, but they do not realize all of the negative effects that drinking can have on them and the terrible things that can happen while under the influence of alcohol. It was found that by the end of high school, more than 75% of youths have consumed alcohol, and each year underage drinking results in 5000 deaths of those younger than 21 years (Jones, Feinberg & Cleveland, 2012). Underage drinking has always been a problem and will continue to be a problem until people start educating more students about it. Before students can be educated on what underage drinking can do, parents and other adults need to be educated on the matter as well. It has been known that some parents let their children drink alcohol while they are still underage or even throw a party at their home and when adults do that it makes minors second guess what is okay and not okay. Simply ignoring a major law, like the one of the legal minimum drinking age, just shows a minor that breaking the law is not a big deal and that they can do as they please. Therefore it looks like many people do not know how to control the problem of underage drinking, which brings up the topic of lowering the drink age from 21 to 18 years old.
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