Underage Drinking : A Serious Problem Essay

1295 Words Oct 26th, 2015 null Page
Underage drinking: A serious Problem in Society Underage drinking is a huge problem in the world, by the age of 15; approximately 50% of teenagers have had at least one drink (Too Smart to Start). Not only is this “disease” affecting people all over the world, it is on an upwards trend and an increasing amount of teenagers are joining in. Thousands of people every year are negatively impacted due to the effects of alcohol. Whether one is underage, or they are in the legal age restriction, alcohol can drastically influence a person 's well-being and health. Every day, almost thirty people in the United States die in vehicle crashes due to alcohol-impaired driving. This results to approximately one death every 51 minutes (Centers for disease control and prevention). The negative effects of alcohol are overwhelming and widely known, yet it has not limited the number of teens partaking in underage drinking. Underage drinking is a serious problem and should be addressed due to its effects on the developmental minds of teenagers, its addictive properties, and because of its danger to both the individual and society. During the pre-adolescent to adolescent stage of a child’s life, their brain is going under various developmental changes, which could alter due to the effects of alcohol. Although there are several parts of the brain that are affected by the use of alcohol, two parts that are…

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