Uncle Tom's Cabin Essay

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Uncle Tom’s cabin was written by Harriet Beecher Stowe and published in 1852 during the era of slavery in America. The arrival of this book has bring tremendous reaction from the society, both the masters and misters as well as the slaves because the author clear statement about her position as an antislavery. Her protests against any practice of slavery are based on Christianity and morality points of view as all humans are created by God and should be treated equally. Stowe believed the only way to end slavery as well as racism is trough complete segregation because however, blacks and white trying to be united trough become a family, friend, and teacher-student fellow, those would be end up unsuccessfully.
In the novel story there are several
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Proven in the novel that Tom is a loyal, faithful, true-hearted, dedicated, patriotic, steady and unfailing thus, resulted in her interpretation as Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, all the extreme Christianity role that Tom has are never reasonable enough to humanize him to become a fellow for his owners. Mr. Shelby, no matter long much time, how diligent, how qualified Tom is, he still sells him. As well as St. Clare which also cannot do much for Tom as the death came first before he could give her servant’s freedom. In this part I would not saying that St. Clare and Mr. Shelby are evil hearted masters, they do perceived Tom as human, respect and valued him, but still they are not in the same place to allowed them form a friendship …show more content…
How good both slave and master would live and interact according to Christ teachings or solely based on humanity and empathy would never defeat the slavery mashes. As the slavery has dirtied all the society, thus a very good masters still pushed by the system and the society to practice that thing. Both slaves and masters have to makes choices if perusing happiness is a goal they have to leave the land and move to other places which is Liberia, places where they can both life without ones feel better than other. Nonetheless, if they prefer to stay and try to make reconcilement it would take time and leave life term pain as what happened to Cassy, her mother, Emmily and Topsy. The worst thing is happened to Uncle Tom as he pushed himself to be unite, he then killed. Stowe’s book would also be message for us in this 21st century to leave all the racism matters and not having some sort of superior feeling toward other race. It is crucial to remove racism from our society in order to build a strong friendship, family, and

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