U.s. -canadian Magazine Dispute Essay

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To what extent do you think the U.S.-Canadian magazine dispute was motivated by genuine desires to protect Canadian culture?

The media plays a critical role in the dissemination and preservation of cultural values in any nation. When the US entertainment industry invades and dominates Canadian media, I am not surprised to see defensive reactions from the Canadian government in an attempt to preserve its culture. After conducting some research to see how severely the US entertainment industry has invaded Canadian market, I found out that, during the time of the magazine trade dispute between Canada and the US, “between 60 and 95 percent of film, television, music, and publishing markets [in Canada] are controlled by Americans, [and] four in every five magazines sold in Canada are foreign publications” (Rinaman, 1996). With such striking data, I am convinced that the Canadian government has a genuine desire to protect its culture from being further diminished by Americanization. Canadian culture, at the time of the dispute, was startlingly vulnerable to the invasion of American culture through aggressive marketing of the US’s entertainment industry.

To what extent do you think the government of Canada was pressured to seek to protect its market because of the financial interests of the Canadian magazine industry?

In this case, the danger of a dying national culture goes hand-in-hand with the danger of a failing domestic cultural market. Since Canadian magazines…

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