Impacts Of Keystone XL Pipeline

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To Build Or To Not To Build; Keystone XL Pipeline Essay
Against all odds, Mario the character from Super Mario Bros can transport to great distances (and even worlds) instantly through pipelines without any negative impacts. Now looking back at reality, imagine a pipeline transporting oil from Canada to the United States but with many negative impacts. Coincidentally, there is a proposed 1,179 mile and 36-inch diameter pipeline which will bring crude oil from Alberta to the Gulf Coast, known as the Keystone XL Pipeline (“Keystone XL Pipeline Project”). If the Keystone XL Pipeline was built, it would have the capacity to transport approximately 830,000 barrels of crude oil per day to refineries in Oklahoma, Illinois and the Gulf Coast of Texas
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The Keystone XL Pipeline project requires Canada to take a big role in extracting and getting the crude oil from the oil sands as well as constructing the pipeline which is hugely expensive (Marshall). In addition to, the Canadian portion of the Keystone XL Pipeline project costs over a billion dollars (CBC News). Disregarding the income for oil, Canada loses a lot of its money to construct the pipeline and provide the oil for the United States. The huge costs will not be covered with the money received from the oil and it is deceitful that Canada must waste huge money to construct the pipeline and extract the oil when the project mainly benefits the United States. As well as, it would be terrible if an oil spill occurs (Carnegie Council…). Most likely, if an oil spill were to occur, Canada would have to pay to fix it and clean up the dirty work. The cost would be quite expensive depending on how large the oil spill is and if tar or oil went into a body of water. Depending on the amount of oil or tar, an ecosystem could become unbalanced and many organisms could die, leaving Canada to clean up the mess since according to the United States, Canada had more of a role in the project. Therefore, by paying for the extraction of oil, construction of the pipeline and for the cleanup and protection costs, Canada barely benefits

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