Essay on U.s. State 's Nuclear Energy Sector

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In August 2016, a New York State Board agreed to grant a multi-billion dollar subsidy to the state’s nuclear energy sector. This subsidy is to be government mandated through the forcing of utility companies to purchase and pay nuclear power plants in zero-emission credits, thereby subsidizing nuclear plants’ operations. By creating this subsidy, the government is effectively saving three nuclear power plants in Upstate New York from permanent closures; however, at the expense of the tax-payer who will see their utility bills rise. Further concerns arise from various taxpayers and NGOs who note that of the three nuclear plants being saved, two belong to Exelon - leading to claims of government corruption. The state board had warranted such interference as a means of increasing New York’s renewable energy resources ( as opposed to using non-renewable energy such as coal and gas), as well as saving jobs in the nuclear energy sector, plighted by competition from the falling price of gas.
The actions of the New York State Board can be explained by viewing their role as an investor in the “knowledge economy” , helping to innovate and sustain growth though climate-change policy and macroeconomic stabilization. However, opponents of the State Board’s plan claim that their tax-dollars are not being fairly allocated, as it appears the government is using this money to bail out the nuclear energy sector.
The government’s investment in nuclear energy shows that they are actively…

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