U.s. Involvement During The War Of Vietnam Essay examples

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In the year of 1965 The United states of America had began to deploy troops to fight communism in the country of Vietnam. The U.S. would find themselves with new problems both overseas and at home. During the war there was a great amount of conflict that grew on American soil. Many people in the U.S. did not believe in the U.S. involvement in the war and made that clear through a series of violent and non-violent protests and demonstrations. Along with the problems in the U.S., there were many problems soldiers faced over seas. Soldiers had to fight against in army that used tactics they had never seen before, had to live in terrible conditions, and lacked the morale needed to fight a war. In result of this the U.S. was forced to withdraw their troops from Vietnam and lost the war. There were many factors to the U.S. failure in Vietnam; ultimately it was the lack of public support, the fighting styles of the Vietcong and the lack of U.S. morale in the war.

Conflict during the Vietnam War was not only present overseas: there was also a lot of conflict on American soil. During the war there were many people that did not believe in the war effort and protested against the war. Many of people that were protesting the war were younger people. The largest groups that participated in these protests are known as the S.D.S. or Students for a Democratic Society. This group consisted of around 100,000 students on 350 college campuses. The S.D.S. was centered on faith in…

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