Reform Movement In The Vietnam War

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Register to read the introduction… Most importantly, in October of 1965 the draft increased to 33,000 members, thats almost eleven times more that it had been in February of 1965(History Learning 1). In addition, in May of 1965 the Hippies began showing their hatred toward the draft for the Vietnam War, by doing draft-card burnings publicly and by 1965 Congress ruled that the First Amendment did not grant people to right to do this (X Timeline 1). It is to my believe that many Hippies used the First Amendment as a simple excuse to destroy morality in the US and to cowardly restrain themselves as well as their family members from a necessary draft. In the year 1961 a group of women called Women Strike for Peace protested around the United States with more that 50,000 members with the intention of having President John F. Kennedy sign laws that gave women more equality(Helium 1). By May of 1968 the war in Vietnam had gotten worse, in one week 562 troops had been killed and atrocities against innocent children were committed in South and North Vietnam due to daily bombing raids(History Learning 1). News of the deaths occurring in combat zone were published in the Westmoreland Papers, approximately 30.4% of the deaths were draftees( USS Boston).With all the events occurring in the US the Hippies began to think of themselves as some sort of "heroes" they thought they could solve the problems of the world by protesting against them while violating the laws. In the 1960s many problems were occurring in the US but the only person with the power of taking control of the situation was the president, however the Hippies formed their own group and started their reform that only caused a greater commotion and a greater deal of problems for the US to …show more content…
In 1965 and 1966 a dance mania evolved with the developing of "The Watusi",which was a dance move that consisted of being in a sitting position with knees bent and hips back and arms extended to the front while vibrating(Stern 93). Another dance move invention was the Hully Gully, and had foot movements like shuffling while having their arms jerking back toward their chest(Stern 93). Today, we as a society and as Americans are affected by such inappropriate dance moves all over the nation such as jerking and shuffling, and yet we ask ourselves why the teenagers nowadays behave the way they do, well my answer is its all the Hippies fault. The dance moves were accompanied by the music, such as the one from Joey Dee who sang "Peppermint Twist" which topped the Billboard chart, astonishingly this time teens and Hippies were not the only ones listening to this type of music(Stern 93).The dance mania became so strong that in mid 1960s it reached dance halls in Britain( Sixties City 1). It became like a virus, not only was the whole nation being infected by these inappropriate behaviors but some began to follow them and believed it was something right to do. What many did not know was that the American principles were slowly vanishing as this new liberal form of behavior took over very gradually across the

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