U.s. Involvement During The Civil War Essay

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Over our nation’s history there has been a constant debate regarding the role of the federal government. Between 1865 and 1936, there were undeniably some of the greatest changes made to the federal government that shaped it into the country we know today. The Civil War, which resulted in the consolidation of the American Union due to the North’s victory, was the catalyst to the first major role change the Federal Government saw during this period. Through Reconstruction and by following the path Lincoln and Republicans had laid down, the American Union would be the incarnation of a universal set of ideas based on political democracy and civil liberties. The U.S. involvement in WWI amplified Federal Power during the early 20th century and made the national government more powerful than it had ever been. The government also commandeered control of much of the economy to aide in the war by creating new agencies to regulate agriculture, industry, labor, and transportation. This was the second greatest change of the role of government in America’s history. These actions would lay the groundwork for the eventual economic collapse that gave birth to the Great Depression. It was during the era of the Great Depression that the government again felt the need to alter their power yet again to maintain the country.
Starting in 1861, the Civil War marked the biggest and most deadly conflict to ever take place on American soil. There were several factors at hand that led to the war…

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