U.s. Congress And The United States Essay

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The amount of money it cost to be a country without an official language is astronomical. The latest research shows, “English and Spanish are just two of nearly 400 languages spoken here” (Ross 1). For many years now the United States has been one of the most diverse places in the world. With so many languages spoken here, businesses have to use translators to negotiate with one another. This is why many people agree that “The U.S. Congress and individual states should adopt legislation making English the official language of government, so that government business should be conducted in English, with common-sense exceptions for services related to health and safety” (Mujica 47). This would make a better work environment for everyone and also save a large amount of money. The government could save billions of dollars if they only printed monolingual documents, and did away with funding multilingual programs in schools and businesses. Saving money in the world today is very crucial because the economy is struggling. There are many ways we could cut costs in the United States, including making English the official language. By making English the official language, it would save money on driving tests, voting ballots, and other important documentation. It is found that, “Drivers test is offered in Spanish, election ballots are printed in several languages, and courts cost and immigration offices employ translators. The cost of providing multilingual services, including…

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