Types Of Political Systems Of The Government Of A Nation Essay

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Throughout the world there are numerous types of political systems that are used to determine the leadership within the government of a nation. Not all nations are alike in the ways that the winner is ultimately decided. The reasons for holding elections are simple. In a society, people have differences of opinion. Within countries there are millions, if not hundreds of millions of people who hold opinions of their own. In order to fairly elect leaders and vote on decisions it is necessary to have organized voting systems. In this paper the focus will be on democratic nations that allow its citizens to vote and participate in government. Many nations go about elections differently. The ways in which each nation has decided on the type of ballot counting method for their elections is a topic that has had great debate over the years. Many political scientists and scholars argue that there are systems that are fairer and produce a better representation of what the general population wants. Ballot systems such as the plurality method, Borda Count and range voting are just a few of the various methods that democratic nations employ to determine who will lead their country. In addition to elections for government positions, ballots are used to vote for awards and even winners of TV singing competitions. The usage of elections is wide spread and an integral part of our society. This is a topic that presents an important discussion to better understand what type of voting systems…

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