Typeface History

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Register to read the introduction… The earlier typefaces were developed during the partition and marking of boarders and thus were used for map-making; others were used for astrology while others were even used for mathematics. This is because they were meant to facilitate the carrying out of activities effectively. The materials on which designs were made also play an important role in the explanation of the activities that were happening and possibly why the typefaces were developed. This essay analyses the history of the development of typefaces and identifies the eras in which each typeface design was popular and when it was developed and possibly why it could have been developed (Johnson, 1998, p. 52).
Early typefaces were cast in alloys of lead by the then the typeface developers. Although there is no record of the activities that the foundries used to undertake, it can be postulated that they dealt with metal and possibly they might have been blacksmiths. The typefaces have no recorded use but they might have been used to indicate or to distinguish the metal work that has been completed by the foundries. These typefaces were commonly related to the 15th century around 1450s (Johnson, 1998, p. 52). Metals, lead alloy might have been the most common material at that time that was easier to engrave types
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The two most conspicuous eras of typeface are the digital and the analog. The design and the use of the typeset applied by type foundries has a lot of information attached to it concerning the era it was used or the era of its inception. Although little information is documented about the eras of typeset, the available information can be used to deduce information about the activities of that era. For instance, the first typeface that was cast on lead alloy suggest that metal work was very common t that time and it might have originated from those areas that practiced the metal work. Similarly, the typeface design that was engraved on wood suggests the economic activity of the place of origin. These two also suggest that those era there was little technical knowhow. On the other hand, digital design of typeface also gives idea of the technology during this era (Graham, 2002, p. 25). Thus, design and use of typeface speaks volume of an

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