The Princess Bride Literary Analysis

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William Goldman’s abridgment The Princess Bride is a fairy tale. Generally the number three or seven occur in fairy tales (Ashliman). Ofttimes, fairy tales have a “happily ever after” ending. Fairy tales usually begin the story with “Once upon a time…”, and take place in a far away setting and time. Magic will appear a number of times in fairy tales. Magic will occur in fairies, witches, or talking animals. Fairy tales are written to show children that even with the toughest struggles in life, anything is possible. It gives children the mindset that anything is possible in life.

The number three holds a prestige significance in fairy tales. Fairy tales are meant to be simple, and bypass any complex situations. The number three is the
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In the Middle Ages, “all social classes believed in magic” (Zipes 53) but, primarily the “rise of the Christian Church” (Zipes 53) began the rise of magic in fairy tales. Christians exploited magic in fairy tales to codify what would be acceptable in their society. Magic emerges in fairy tales to give a mythical feeling throughout the story. In the fairy tale “Cinderella”, Cinderella would express a wish, and a bird would give “her what she wished for” (Grimm). To give the story an enchanting perception, a magical bird is granting Cinderella what she wishes for. Repeatedly in the fairy tale, the birds “gathered all the good grains” (Grimm) for Cinderella when she calls for them. The magical birds are in the fairy tale to give the story a mystical …show more content…
Westley’s life is taken away from the machine Count Rugen makes for him, but Humperdinck turns the knob that kills Westley. Fezzik and Inigo bring Westley 's body to Miracle Max, asking him to revive Westley. Miracle Max is able to put together a pill, and his wife says, “It was a beautiful pill, honey” (Morgenstern 326). Max realizes that the pill will only revive Westley for forty minutes, not an hour. Magic occurs in the story when Miracle Max is able to create a magical pill that will bring Westley back from the dead. After forty minutes since Westley takes the pill, his eyes go to up to his head and his body crumples on the bed. Suddenly, Westley yells out to Humperdinck, and “his eyes were open again” (Morgenstern 352). The pill was meant to last only forty minutes, but magically Westley was able to come back to life. Without the magic pill in The Princess Bride, the story would not be considered a fairy tale, because of the lack of

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