The Hero's Journey In The Princess Bride Directed By Rob Westner

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The Princess Bride, directed by Rob Reiner, follows the Hero’s Journey as Westley the Farm Boy rescues Princess Buttercup from Prince Humperdinck’s evil clutches. ‘The Hero’s Journey’ is the 12-step adventure the hero follows as he completes his quest. (It starts as a normal life, followed by the call to adventure, trials and tests, the final battle, and the return with the prize and a new life.) Westley’s adventures and misadventures lead him through the twists and turns of The Hero’s Journey, specifically the Tests, Allies, and Enemies, the Approach, and the Ordeal.
Westley’s adventures lead him through the Ordinary World and into the Special World, where he comes to face his Tests, Allies, and Enemies. Westley’s first trial is to climb the
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They are up for killing Westley on the spot, until Buttercup offers to go with Humperdinck to be married, as long as he returns Westley to his pirate ship. Humperdinck agrees and takes Buttercup back to the castle. However, Westley knows that Humperdinck will not do as he says. “We are men of action, lies do not become us,” Westley tells Count Rugen, who stayed behind. (Goldman – The Princess Bride). Rugen agrees, knocks Westley unconscious, and takes him to the Pit of Despair. The Pit is home to an unsavory character named the Albino, and a deadly contraption called The Machine. (Ominous music plays). Westley is strapped up to the Machine while the Count and Humperdinck don’t torture him: They suck 51 years of his life away. Luckily, when the Count and the soon-to-be-married Prince leave the Pit, Fezzik and Inigo show up in the nick of time to save Westley. Although Westley appears to be dead, they take him to an old man called Miracle Max, where they buy a miracle and save Westley’s life, leading us to The …show more content…
Westley is force-fed the ‘miracle’, and he is awakened, only to find he has no strength at all and cannot move. At last, our heroes set off for the Castle: for Westley to stop the wedding and regain Buttercup, for Inigo to avenge his father’s death, (as he was murdered 20 years ago by Count Rugen), and for Fezzik just to help and tag along. However, as they arrive at the only way into the Castle, they find it guarded by 60 men. But, with the help of a wheelbarrow, a Holocaust cloak, flames, and some manpower, Fezzik also dons the disguise of the infamous Dread Pirate Roberts and scares them all away. Meanwhile, inside the castle, the wedding has begun. Hearing the commotion outside, Prince Humperdinck forces the Clergyman to skip to the end of the ceremony, (although, unbeknownst to the Prince, skipping the part where they actually get married). Then, Humperdinck sends his father to take Buttercup to the bridal suite, while he goes off in search of Fezzik, Westley, and Inigo. At this time, the three heroes have entered the Castle, where they are confronted by Count Rugen and a few soldiers. Count Rugen commands them, “Kill the Dark One, (Westley), the Giant, and leave the third for questioning.” (Goldman – The Princess Bride) Inigo quickly takes out the soldiers, and

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