Essay on Tyler Ingalls : A Youth Pastor Based On New Era, Michigan

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Tyler Ingalls is a youth pastor based in New Era, Michigan. Before this, he was my youth pastor intern at my hometown church, Central Wesleyan Church, in Holland, Michigan. He is a huge reason of where my faith is today and my biggest spiritual mentor and leader. He has really pushed my faith and continues to do so on a day-to-day basis. He seeks the Lord with all his heart, so I was really interested in his perspective of “who is Jesus” to this spiritual giant of mine. After asking him this simple question, he summed up his following perspective as this: “for me, the biggest thing is that Jesus is my Lord and Savior.” In his eyes, these two things are different aspects of Jesus, but you need both of them in order to get the entire picture of “who he is, what he is about, and what he can do in your life.” He goes on to say that “so many times people like to choose one or the other and never really see him as both of these descriptions. By doing this, you are missing the whole point of why Jesus came down to Earth.” He emphasized that a way that helped him see who Jesus was to him was through people that have influenced him and really shown him what it means to walk with God. People that love Jesus and walk with Jesus “a whole lot more than you do.” People get this small view with God, but he wants his view to get bigger and bigger. In order for Tyler to best describe on who Jesus is to him, he explains to me what Lord and Savior each mean separately, and how they work…

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