Two Year Plan Essay

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Two Year Plan

Professor: Dr. Ellen A. Drost
MGMT 497
Date: Feb, 14, 2011
World: 11
Company: 1

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1. INTRODUCTION 3 2. ORGANIZATION 4 3. OBJECTIVES AND INDUSTRY ANALYSIS 6 a. Sales in Dollars b. Net Income c. ROA d. ROE e. Stock Price
Weighting Factors Criteria 4. STRATEGIES 13 5. SALES FORECAST 17 6. PRODUCTION PLAN 19 7. FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 20 8. APPENDIX 21 * Industry Sales Forecasts in Units for Year 5 and 6 * Company Sales Forecasts in Units for Year 5 and 6 * Industry Sales Forecasts in Dollars for Year 5 and 6 * Company Sales Forecasts in Dollars for Year 5 and 6 * Regression Analysis Charts for each 4
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Therefore, we have a high concern for our unit production cost (UPC).
To achieve our goals, our company built a second manufacturing plant in Sereno where the main currency is the Pesos. Although the shipping costs from Sereno back to Mericas were the same as shipping from Mericas to Sereno, the overall savings in production at Sereno were significant. Thus, enabling the company to achieve its mission of providing good products to consumers at a low-affordable price and allowing the company grow its market share both domestically and in Sereno as well. To ensure that Energetic Solutions keeps reaching its goal, we focused on being the leader in releasing the latest models at the lowest-affordable prices while still managing to keep our high product quality.
At Energetic Solutions, we conduct industry analysis at every quarter, especially focusing in areas such as Sales, Net Income, ROA, ROE, Unit Production Costs, and Stock Price. For the last eight quarters (in Year 3 and 4), the industry has shown a steady growth which was parallel with our production capacity (including our new plant in Sereno). Sales in Dollars tables below illustrates the industry growth by close to 5 million units from Year 3 ($12.7 mil) to Year 4 ($17.5 mil). Base on this data, the management at Energetic Solutions is

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