Two Methods To Test For Individual Readiness To Change Essay

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Task 2

Task two will require you to use the two schools of thought from task 1 as your reference when answering the following questions.

2.1 Describe at least two reasons why people and at least two reasons why systems resist change in an organization.

 Change to routines: the change can creates problems in any organisation, because change is having a physiological effect on human mind, so the persons can resist for their daily routines changes. So the people will have to create new schedule, such as new timetable for their daily activities. People will also getting benefits to adapt change in organisation. They can become more re flexible, enlarge their skills and capabilities. We can find solutions by telling the people that what are
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• The purpose of a change readiness is to analysis the level of research and approach of individual about the new change which is going to be implemented or execute. The individual must have a clear vision and objectives to intend change’s positive force. The individual need to know the full range of system resources and communicate properly about the better result. The manager can find out the individual’s happiness through the change by getting feedback. To find out the expectation of individual from the change. By doing this manager can test individual’s readiness to change.
• The negative consequences of an individual’s readiness to change are the major issue for the organization. Before new change the individual is used the work in previous methods. He cannot be ready at once to adapt in new change because he is not having full knowledge and training to do the things with new environment. The new change can also have an impact of job insecurity of an individual. Due to these reasons, the employee will not be able to work because of ambiguity.

2.6 Explain at least two methods to test for system readiness to change in terms of positive and negative

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