Twelve Angry Men : Juror Twelve Essay

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An advertiser is a person that tries to sell you something and is normally excessively engaged in their job. As you can tell by now the juror, I was assigned to watch and take notes throughout the novel Twelve Angry Men is juror twelve. A way to explain the personality of juror twelve is very cheesy he uses this idea of advertising language which is tremendously cheesy way of wording statements for example “Here’s an idea. Let’s run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it.”(Rose 16). Another personality, he brought along from his job was relating everything back to graphs, numbers and statistics. Away from his personalities he brought from work he was acutely easy to sway and could be convinced very easily also seemed to be very laid back. If he had something to say he was not afraid to say it throughout the jury trial. His appearance was described to be well dressed, but in a slick stylish and smart way. He was excessively into the conversation and you could tell he was very engaged, but vice versa, he would be vaguely disengaged and would seem to be tired of sitting and discussing the case and wanted to go back to work.

Although juror twelve was not one of the main characters in the arguments he was the peacekeeper during these times. He would use his cheesy advertising sayings to stop the arguments. A saying he used was “Put it on a bus and see if it gets off at Wall Street.”(Rose 33). If his sayings didn’t stop the arguments he would use a different…

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