Tv Programmes : Television Programmes Essay

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For all TV programmes, the producers will have made their best attempt to craft the show to appeal to their targeted audience (Bignell, 2008). With this in mind, they will have carefully considered production elements such as the choice of presenter, types of segments, camerawork, visual effects, sound, vision mixing and editing, set design and costumes when thinking about how they can attract and target particular viewers. A great example is CBS’s ever so popular late night talk show, ‘The Late, Late Show with James Corden’, where the producers have successfully employed these techniques, to create a show that appeals to their target demographic of males and females aged 18 to 49 (Heller, 2016).

The impression that a show 's presenter makes on its audience can have an overwhelming influence on the programmes success (Owen & Millerson, 2012). Taking this into account, it appeared rather bizarre that the producers picked Corden, a British comedian, to front an American talk show given the cultural differences and even more risky given that Corden was virtually unknown in the United States before the show launched (Carter, 2014). There was some logic, however, as particular aspects of his personality would have stood out to Producers. “He is a very funny guy and an especially likeable guy” (Leno, as cited in Frost, 2015, p1). Firstly, his ability to not take himself too seriously. For example, at approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds into the show he demonstrates his…

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