Tucson, Arizona Home Of The University Of Arizona Essay

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Tucson, Arizona home of the University of Arizona, and home to a large population of retirees. Tucson has seen many visitors in it’s time from Native American tribes like the Hohokam to the Coronado expedition trail in search of the “Seven Cities of Gold,” according to Tucson City’s History site (2016). Arizona is known for its 5 C’s, Cactus, Cattle, Citrus, Cotton and Copper. This rich state of resources houses a diverse population of mountain ranges, streams, plant life, and a sunset to live for. Tucson does have challenges that it does face, severe drought, and over population due to Tucson’s attractive cost of living. History: The history of Tucson begins in 10,000 B.C. with a presence of hunter and gathers (City of Tucson 2012). The Santa Cruz river shows signs of artifacts that have dated to support occupation to 1000 B.C. Tucson is part of the Coronado expedition that crossed Arizona that were in search of gold in 1540; San Xavier mission is established in 1699, but isn’t completed up until nearly a century later in 1797 according to Tucson’s site (2012). The Tucson that is currently what we know was founded by an Irishman named Hugo O’Conor who was part of the Spanish colonial expansion. O’Conor also traveled on territories of Louisana, Texas and other southwest states. The original name that O’Conor gave to Tucson was San Agustin de Toixon, according to Nugent (2015). Tucson’s attractive climate and presence of the University of Arizona gave growth to the city in…

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