Essay on Tsa Flight Performance Report

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TSA Flight Performance Report Travis Baldridge Argosy University March 26, 2013

TSA Flight Performance Report Human Resource Management is a very important part of any organization. Airlines are no exception to this rule. This case signifies a true sample of how HRM helped the TSA employees and the management in improving employee morale and the direction and compensation of employee’s for the long run.
By creating and setting specific goals and following through with them, this allowed the employee’s to feel empowered in their new roles and gave them a new direction in what was once a position with no movement or direction. With daily, monthly, and yearly objections to be met,
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If not given the increase they were expecting it could quickly turn a once happy employee into an unhappy one, which than can cause unethical behavior to persist. However, on the flip side of the coin, this incentive can also do the opposite, by keeping employee’s engaged and driven to succeed and can serve as a great mechanism for growth. To help keep employee’s from stepping into the unethical realm, HR reps can implement the proper training for everyone in a company so that everyone knows and understands the proper laws and behavior expected. Also behavioral leadership could provide a nice element to the employee’s that drive them. By showing your employee’s how to treat and act at work can go a long way in keeping morale and ethical behavior in a place that makes everyone happy. (Thompson, 2013)
To help ensure that equal employment guidelines are followed, training on equal employment opportunity would be implemented and a policy would be structured and followed by everyone. The EEO laws are strictly enforced and as long as the proper training is given to everyone, it helps greatly with reducing the risk of someone failing to follow the laws. Open door policy is also another important step for employee’s to know exists, so they can get the proper instruction if needed before anything happens. A third practice that could be followed would be that of creating neutral and objective hiring criteria

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