Truth Vs Opinion Vs Falsehood

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Truth vs. opinion vs. falsehood
According to Vauvenargues, “We must not judge men by what they do not know, but by what they know and by the way they know it.” Opinion is a statement based solely on the thinking, perception and judgment of man. It can either be subjective or objective. On the other hand, truth is a statement that is a generally accepted outcome or reasoning. Subsequently, it is commonly mistaken that fact and truth are identical. Fact is true, but not all truths are facts. Fact can be proven true or false, while truth only varies through its reasoning. At the same time, falsehood, according to, is the state of being untrue, i.e., lie or false. It is pure invention, fiction, fabrication, dishonesty and disingenuous.
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It is where we can speak without restriction or interference with what we insinuate and our implications, because it is neither right or wrong. Subsequently, we must also know that we should not always base on our opinions. We must also be flexible in knowing things and at some point in our lives be able to accept the truth and the fact, regardless if you’re right or wrong. As I’ve stressed before, opinions can either be subjective or objective. It becomes objective if it is not influenced by the emotion, perception or judgment of an individual, or if it is based on fact. It becomes subjective if you are only subjected to your own thinking, perception, and if you’re only entitled to your own interpretation, i.e., you are not open to listening to the perceptions offered by others. An opinion is only a statement, it can and cannot be proven, and it is not conclusive. It can be supported by facts and principles, therefore becoming an argument. It can be supported, and it can have plausible reasoning, however, it is least likely to be verifiable and agreed to by the consensus of …show more content…
Falsehood is the opposite of truth and fact. It is bound to deceive and mislead people. Falsehood is pure fiction, it suppresses and distorts truth. It manipulates information and should never be tolerated or accepted. However, in our digital era, it is common for people to view something false as true. A great example of this is: fake news. Fake news have become the number one problem for the digital era, as it feeds wrong and dangerous information to digital users. It deceives users through the use of tangible decorations, manipulative yet alluring vocabularies, and through visual deceptions. Fake news is an on-going problem in our country, because as of now, our government not only tolerates fake news, it rewards it. Falsehood and fake news can jeopardize the career, reputation and credibility of an individual. With the innovation of technology, falsehood and fake news can easily be accessed and shared by numerous people within a click. Not only can this be dangerous in technology, but it can also be succeeded to an individual through words verbatim. Numerous people will be victimized of withstanding the truth of information, and the more dangerous part is that people are doing this unknowingly. For most people, they think that lies are necessary when the truth is difficult to swallow. Truth is a double-edged sword. Lying is not an excuse. We must learn to accept the truth however hard it is. We can be rich and prominent, but if we are living with a

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