Trust And Trust : Trust Essay

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Trust. A small word that holds a lot of meaning and significance. It’s when someone is giving away personal secrets, or someone has trusted another enough to rely on, hoping that they won’t fail or do them wrong. Many people usually spend quite a long time trying to trust someone, or trying to get someone to trust them. Though earning and giving trust can be a difficult thing to do, trust between people is an important virtue that everyone needs. Trust is extremely significant in life seeing as that it is healthy for the mind, builds better relationships, and helps societies function in a peaceful way. Stress, anxiety, and paranoia; these words don’t sound like the most pleasureable of things to have in life, which is correct, they aren’t. Many people are affected by these things daily which can heavily hurt the mental state of those affected. Luckily there is something that can help lower levels of stress and anxiety, and that thing is trust. Of course, trust isn’t guaranteed to completely eliminate all levels of stress, anxiety, and other mentally hurtful factors, but being able to trust one another can truly lower these factors. When learning to trust another, this apprehension and uneasiness can be drastically lowered. Now, there is no need to fear that this person who is now trusted will do something horrible because the time was taken to ensure that they were, in fact, a person worthy of being trusted in the first place. They become a person to rely on.

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