Donald J Trump Speeches

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As President Obama’s last years finishing his term. The 2016 election is racing around the

corner with all of the drivers beginning to put their foot on the pedal. Some of the more popular

candidates include Bernie Sanders, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, and Hillary Clinton. Yet one

candidate has managed to retain the spotlight, he also happens to be a lead candidate. This man is

non other than Mr. Donald J. Trump, an entrepreneur, and real estate mogul. The Ceo of The

Trump Organization has been making rebellious speeches for his campaign in effort to become

president. Trump presents himself in a way that makes people hate and addor him but, as he

explained in his speech on June 16, 2015, he is the only man that can make America great
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A majority of

Latinos in America are outraged with the offensive comments Trump has spoken of. With latinos

rising as to be a majority in the country, Trump’s best interest isn 't to just come up will logical

fallacies of latinos. Major corporations have taken a step to cross off Trump from any

negotiations that were current or in the process of being made. Yet with all the hate that has been

brought upon him he still dominate the polls. Even the source from the Center of Immigration

and Crime reports oppose his belief on the
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He not like other politicians who follow the rule of political

correctness.. Trump is a rebel not following the rules and saying what he wants to say. He doesn 't

hide the “truth” from the people. People let him get away with it because of his rule of not

apologizing for anything. So people assume it just normal of donald trump. Donald gives a new

direction for the younger generations and all every other American.

One notable technique that Trump implemented in his speeches was the use of Ethos. Such

illustration is exhibited when Trump explains in stories about his friend that 's in manufacturing

sent a shipment to China but they rejected his products. Trump made china take the shipment

into the ports and sold all the product. Another story is how politicians ask him for advice all the

time. He make deals happen while cutting cost, faster operation, and better quality. He put the

Ford company on the spotlight, as they are planning on making the largest car plant in the world

in Mexico. Trump would make them pay an high interest rate to import them back into

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