Truman 's Announcement On Bombing Of Hiroshima Essay

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Truman’s Announcement on Bombing of Hiroshima Harry S. Truman, the former President in 1945, effectively used rhetorical strategies during his announcement of the bombing of Hiroshima, which helped bring World War II to an end when Japan conceded. After contemplating the decision to drop the bomb or invade, not taken lightly, Truman decided to drop the bomb. The atomic bomb was the culmination of the war, and ultimately changed the world since its use. Therefore, the announcement, directed towards the American people to inform them of the bombs use, would have to be concocted in such a way that would prompt patriotism, and not make the United States look so vile. (Mitchell & Lifton) Truman pulled this speech off remarkably, despite not being widely recognized for his speeches, Ethos was unquestionably averred, since Harry Truman was the President of the United States of America during the time the speech was given. During the speech Truman uses the word “we” multiple times, insinuating that he is like other ordinary Americans. By creating a connection with the people, Truman gets the credibility of the people when relating to them. The Secretary of War was also mentioned in this announcement, which furthers Truman’s integrity and reputation by substantiating that he knows high ranking, and significant figures involved with the United States Government. Truman also stated that he “shall recommend that the Congress of the United States consider promptly the establishment…

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