Trip To The Beach Essay

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California, home to beach surfers, sun lovers, Disneyland, and most importantly my home. Life was great in California! Trips to the beach with my beautiful mother Ana, and handsome father Salvador, were my favorite. I love the feeling of my toes curling into the hot sand, the smell of my dad’s scrumptious burgers, and the breeze of the waves. I was seven when my parents divorced and the trips soon came to an abrupt stop. The trips to the beach were no longer a short sunny trip, instead it was a long one-way cold trip to Nevada. It was a memorable trip that split into two individual roads for the sake of my own happiness and my parent’s. I still wonder what it would be like if we all traveled along the same road.
When I was younger gifts made
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Christmas had arrived and my adrenaline was bouncing like a ball being dropped from a sky scraper because of my excitement. In Mexico, gifts are opened at midnight on Christmas Eve; my parents like to keep the tradition running, therefore we open gifts at midnight too. The night was filled with enjoyment and lots of delicious traditional plates. When the clock struck midnight, I raced to the Christmas tree with all of my relatives. As my relatives opened their gifts, their eyes were glistered like glazed donuts! The glare on their eyes from their happiness made my eyes watery. “Why wasn’t I receiving any gifts?” I thought I was going to get twice as much as I did for my birthday. My mother hugged me and told me “Mijo, tu padre y yo estamos en condiciones malas, el año que viene prometo darle el mundo.” I questioned myself what my mother meant when she said my father and her were in poor conditions. I even wondered what the heck she meant by saying she’ll give me the world next year; like how, the world is …show more content…
Nevada was our destination and my mother had become my role model. Eventually, my mother was my support system and took on both roles. She worked endlessly with her own two hands to feed, clothe, and shelter me. My mom would try her best to make me happy. The love my mother shared with me became a gift that was given to me every day. A gift that my mother decided to give to me because I deserved it. The gift of a beautiful, selfless, hardworking mother opened up my eyes and made me realize that no gift could compare to this. That I should make it a gift of my own and pass it on to my future

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