Trench Warfare And The World War I Essay

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On July 28, 1914, the world was changed forever when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, setting stage for the First world war. A relatively new form of warfare, known as trench warfare, would arise and cause one of the most brutal stalemates in history. Trench warfare was an inefficient way to fight World War One. Even though it’s main purpose was to defend soldiers, it caused outrageous amounts of casualties due to stalemates and scarred the landscape forever. Trench warfare is a form of warfare where two sides fight each other from semi-permanent trenches. This is usually caused by the defending side’s firepower forces the opposing side to dig down into the ground for protection (Britannica inc). Trench warfare was first used by the French in the 17th century as a strategy during a siege. It was also used in the Civil War when the use of cannons required soldiers to create trenches as a mean of defense. During WWII, the Japanese would use deeply dug caves and bunkers to protect themselves from American artillery and airpower. They were also used in a few battles in the Korean War, Iran-Iraq war, and Persian Gulf War (Britannica inc). The climax of this new fighting style, however, was achieved during World War I in the Western Front due to advances in weapon technology. The trenches were created by armies that were spread across from the Belgian Coast to Northeastern France. After months of fighting, The soldiers were forced to dig trenches due to the sheer amount…

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