WORSHIP Definition Essay

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WORSHIP is the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity. Everybody can WORSHIP anything, you can also WORSHIP the lord. WORSHIP focuses on reading the bible, it can help you with all your problems. WORSHIP has different religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and New Age. Some religious people may have a problem with WORSHIPPING God. Many questions has been asked; The Lord we WORSHIP, is he really real?
Webster’s Third New International Dictionary defines the word WORSHIP as a divine being or supernatural power the father, son, and Holy Spirit. This definition describes God have the power to everything and people’s lives. Being in the position of turning your life around to God will be the best way to WORSHIP
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Make sure before you go to sleep praying even when you wake up pray again. WORSHIP can also stand for return or give thanks ( Bartlets Roger’s Thesaurus). Giving thanks to the lord can make you experience a lot of things make a better living for you. When God sees you doling good with yourself, making the right choices he will WORSHIP give the things to the people they been asking for. Praising God is usefully favorable for us WORSHIP the Father in spirit and in truth. According Bartlett Roget’s Thesaurus WORSHIP comes from Old English word worðscip, wurðscip means the condition of being worthy, dignity, glory, honor. For, worthy the word means weorð its first recorded c.1300. The original word can also be worshipful stands for “honorable”. Glory Splendor of God or Christ; praise offered to god. WORSHIP from the old french Glory of God. Honoring God make you a respectful person by learning things by listening to him. In my opinion, it is a good statement long as you WORSHIP and respect he can do the same for many people. The city of Nashville, Tennessee descibed WORSHIP when it came from the best play Romeo and Juliet. The play was about both of them being in love, but their Parents were not allowing them to be together. Have been with the whistle not the dust Play of Shakespeares. Never break somebody else happiness up its better for people …show more content…
Beliving in God should never make things worse. Always have faith and never doubt yourself about anything God will always be with you. It’s ashamed people give up on things easily, but God knows your better than that. Even paying bills can stress you out don’t never let that pain eat you alive as long as your doing the right thing.
Iv’e asked my grandmother Tamalie Allen about WORSHIPING God. Just to see if she really understands the symptoms God has thrown at her, when she read her Bible every day and night. It was interesting what she had told me. She WORSHIP through songs, prayer, praise and by thanking him, singing, dancing even mediation. That was the best talk ever to even learn about how people WORSHIP God.

In the painting from Stone, Richards had discovered a tree, its like a tree of WORSHIP. Which can support us through life on what we need. Trees can be made out of paper, desk, furniture and rope things we really need. Tree’s have been the object of WORSHIP in all parts of the world. The WORSHIP of this tree is connected with the earliest traditions. The extent of its WORSHIP is indicated also by the denunciations also by the Prophets. Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to our listening

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