Essay on Treatment Of Depression And Anxiety

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While medications are effective in treating most mental disorders, therapy may be the best option for the treatment of mild disorders such as depression and anxiety. Therapy means a healthier, safer, more cost effective form of treatment for people suffering from these conditions.
The first records of depression appeared in Mesopotamian texts from around 2000 B.C. These texts stated that the cause of this illness was demonic possession. Named melancholia after the gloomy sadness it caused. Found in texts throughout history were some of the treatments that were used to try and treat the illness. Early Babylonians, Chinese, and Egyptians believed mental illness was caused by demons, which led them to performing harsh exorcism techniques, such as starvation, beatings, and restraints, in an attempt to cure them. Unlike these civilizations, the ancient Romans and Greeks viewed it as both a biological and psychological illness, and tried to treat it as such. They used gymnastics, music, baths, massages, special diets and a mixture of donkey’s milk and poppy seed extract as forms of treatment. These more humane treatments continued up until the fall of the Roman Empire, after which people once more began to view depression as demonic possessions(Historical. Rashmi Nemade). This all showed that depression has been a problem all around the world for thousands of years.
Mental health disorders interfere with the way people think, feel and act("Mental Disorders." Gale ).…

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