travelodge analysis and pest analysis Essay

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Marketing Management A
This report will be providing a detailed analysis of the existing Budget Hotel market, and how to improve the competiveness of the Travelodge UK, the second largest Budget Hotel chain in the United Kingdom, Second Premier Inn. This report will contain the following, a profile of the organisation’s current target market, which will include demographic, psychographic, geographic and behavioural variables. That will then be followed by a well-referenced and well-researched PEST analysis that will highlight the most important and relevant factors that could have an impact on the business. Once the pest analysis has been completed, the report will be concluded by recommended changes to the marketing
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Travelodge has given its £15m media planning and buying account to Interpublic’s Initiative UK as part of its £223m brand investment programme. Initiative has been tasked with overseeing the media planning and buying ahead of a major campaign which will launch in spring 2014. The programme, announced earlier this year, is the biggest marketing push for the company to date and has involved the roll out of a new room design as well as an extensive refurbishment programme across all of the company’s hotels.
Statistics brain stated that in 2012 57% of all hotel reservation bookings where made online, with 65% of same day bookings made on a smartphone. With online bookings becoming more and more popular as technology, Travelodge have set up a very easy and understandable booking system online and a specially designed mobile compatible page. When making an online booking, like many other booking websites, Travelodge have tactically placed multiple add-ons in a last attempt to gain more profit from the booking customer, these include breakfast & dinner, Wi-Fi, early check in and also some hotels offer pet facilities.
The six-month, ‘Travelodge Future of Sleep’ study, carried out by award-winning futurologist Ian Pearson, has investigated the impact of new technology on sleep and how the hotel room of the future will respond to helping us sleep better in 2030. Within the next two decades, the hotel room will be so technologically advanced that it will almost

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