Essay Transition Starts At The Time Of Birth

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Transition starts at the time of birth. When I grew up as a child physically I grew rapidly but self-awareness developed parallel to physical growth as well as interacting with others and the surrounding. As a child, I was protected by my family, especially by my mother because my father died when I was only 4 years old. When I entered into a school that was a different world from home. I made many friends saw up and down in friendship. I tried to be a good student and daughter as well. During childhood till teen, I tried to make my mother and my teachers happy and I tried my best to see a smile on my mother face. As I grew older I developed my own individual personality. When I reached college I feel very autonomous because at that point I was making my own decisions. Life transits gradually with your age. When I got married I moved to the USA from my home country Pakistan. Culture, language, and food everything was very different for me. Because of this huge transition of my life I didn’t much try to mingle with people. I stayed home and taking care of my husband and children. Unfortunately, the sudden death of my spouse change my whole life. Now I have to face the world and do something for my children and for myself too. I was a good hardworking student throughout my life. My sister in law encourages me to go back to school and start study again. I choose a nursing profession because I am very empathetic and love to take care of people who really need…

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