Personal Statement Of LA County College Of Nursing

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Presently, I am working as an LVN. Although I enjoy helping people and working in this field, I realize the scope of my practice is limited by the degree of my current license. Hence, I would like to pursue a R.N to help me obtain a more advanced and rewarding career in the nursing field.

I believe that LA County College of Nursing is the great place to continue my career in nursing. The faculty members and opportunity for extensive clinical experience is inspiring. Also NCLEX passing rate is one of the top among other schools. Which conclude me that LA County College of Nursing provide highest quality RN program and well guide students to prepare to pass the exam.

There are two people who are influential and supportive in helping me to make
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I have work experience influence on my decision to be an RN. I had a patient who ranks medical officials and treat them according to the rank she made in her mind. I was an entry-level LVN at that time. I knew that I was the one of the bottom of her list because she treated me remarkably bad. Her bad attitude is only towards those are LVNs and receptionist. After I experienced her, I committed myself to be an RN.

Here is my list of what I believe to typify an RN; Perseverance, honesty, critical thinking, concern for others, practice of empathy, being willing to learn and being a team player.

I will be so excited, nervous and scared all at the same time. Strong interest I nursing profession and working as a nursing profession is totally different story. I remember when I first start my LVN clinical site. I was excited because I entered the filed which I dreamed about. Everything was new to me and it was awesome that working with real nurses and professionals. But at the same time I was nervous because I doubt myself whether I could survive the day without any mistakes. And I was scared because if I make a mistake, this could be a real harm to a real patient. I know the students cannot do much at the beginning, but still I was afraid of making

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