Transition Paper

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Transition Paper Assignment NR 101
Ethics in Nursing In the world of medical ethics no sector of healthcare has been under more scrutiny and has drawn more phisophical debates, been under review or been a more sensitive and critical part of the healthcare field than the world of ethics in the field of nursing. Nursing is one of the most pivotal aspects of every medical practice in the world. And today the importance of nursing ethics is ruling right up there with the importance of oxygen. It is an irrefutable fact that ethical standards are both critical and absolutely irreplaceable as part of the very strands that are woven to make up the fragile fabric which represents the field of internal medicine. Nursing ethics then acts as
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Understanding the place of nursing ethics is necessary to develop proper protocol for the operation of hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world. The operation of ethical nursing practice is not only a request from staff managers and facility supervisors but it is a directive from the ICN (International Council of Nurses). By following the ethical standards as practicing nurses we are able to effectively administer healthcare services to the community and to all who are in need. As we are evaluated on the course of ethical considerations that we make on a daily basis we are reminded of the ramifications and or consequences if we do not. Ethical tolerance and or flexibility are not really an option when you service those in need. It is a requirement. Without adhering to ethical nursing practices in our facilities there would be no trust in the medical profession at all. It is imperative that we draw the line in the preverbal sand to communicate our findings, challenge results and in some cases even diagnosis given by doctors. It is our ethical and moral obligation to do what is in the best interest of the patient and not in favor of those that use the medical healthcare field for their own individual self-gratification and the like. When thinking of the consequences to ignoring the ethical protocol we are then faced with the reality that the

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