transition faced by the children/young people Essay

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Discuss the transition faced by the children/young people in your setting. Explain how the children and their parents/ carers are affected by these changes and reflect on the most appropriate ways to respond with reference to workplace policies and procedures. Suggest relevant further sources of information and support for the children, young people and their parents/ carers.

This assignment will discuss the transitions faced by children and their parents including horizontal and vertical transitions. It will also explain planned and unplanned changes in children’s life and how children and their parents may influence by those changes as well as suggesting the most appropriate ways to respond to those changes using the
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It is never easy to break the news of a death to a child, however, if the child isn't told, he or she may be left confused, possibly imagining things worse than the reality. It is therefore important that parents, practitioners or someone known to and trusted by the child, tells him or her of the death soon after it has occurred, use simple, factual words or phrases such as 'dead' or 'has died' to avoid confusion in the child's mind. Phrases such as: 'going to heaven', 'slipped away' or 'God has taken him' can be frightening or misleading. (South Whitehaven. 2013), suggested the best way to support the child is to allow them tell their story without interruption, spend some time with others who have a shared experience and offer them support to move forward and enable them to treasure their memories of the ones they love.
The birth of a sibling is thought to be a source of stress for young children whose security may be threatened by disruptions to normal family life. Separation from the mother during childbirth or day care arrangements may be one source of stress for young children and may influence their behaviour and relationship towards their peers in the setting. Moreover, children’s reactions to a new sibling is likely to depend upon how parents might support their children through these changes

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