The Importance Of Working In Safeguarding Children And Young People

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1:1 The National Union Conventions of the rights of a child of 1991 states that all children have the right to relax, play and join in with a wide range of activities. People working with children have to be aware of legislations that protect children. They must have the child's best interests at heart know that each child has the right to express themselves.
• Children's act 1989- welfare of a child comes first and safeguarding children and the roles agencies play. 1 main key...local authorities have a duty to provide services for all children families and young people to access the same services.
Disability Act 1995/2005- rights for disabled people for housing employment and services. Play settings to provide equal access to all children
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• Adoption & children Act 2002- this act is in addition to the children's Act 1989 it clarifies the meaning of harm to be included as a result of someone harming another person mainly a child- domestic violence.
• Every child matters 2003- is a green paper which was published when Victoria Climbie died. This is for people working in children's services providing more effective and accessible services for the needs of the children that are under 5. (be healthy, be safe, enjoy & achieve, positive contribution, achieve economic and well-being.
• Working together safeguarding children 2006/updated 2010- services,organisations and individuals should work together safeguarding and promoting welfare of children and young people according to Act 1989 & 2004.
• safeguarding Vulnerable groups 2006- Bichard inquiry into murders of Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells by Ian Huntley-this act gives the right for an agency to conduct background checks on all individuals who work with young people children and vulnerable adults.
• Education regulation2007/2008- secondary school policy to improve a child's health and well

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