The Children's Act 1908: How It Can Be Done To Make Primary Education

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Assignment 1 – Welfare of Child Case Study

The children's act 1908 was introduced to regulate children's lives. It gradually outlawed child labour, set out conditions under which a child can be removed from the home. Preventing cruelty towards children and making primary education compulsory. The next significant change wasn’t until the childcare act 1991. This is to promote welfare of children and outlines what is to be done to protect the child in emergencies. It refers to supervision of preschool services. It also makes amendments on ages in other acts, ie guardianship of infants act 64 and school attendance act 26. the children act 2001 was brought in to particularly replace children act 1908 and further enforce protection and
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No child should be abused. The effects of abuse can last a lifetime, I've seen in my personal life that neglect as a child can still affect a 58 year old. The main category of abuse id be looking at is neglect. Joey has been presented dirty tired and hungry suggesting his hygiene is not being considered, not being fed enough or at all,possibly being sleep deprived or perhaps he is not able to sleep as an after effect of emotional abuse. Joey's toileting accident would suggest that he is nervous or worried and not able to focus on bowl functions as a result of emotional abuse in the home, bot being loved or shown that he is loved. It could be a possibility that he isn't been given the required attention at home. The bruise on his thigh could be an indication of physical or sexual abuse. Joey could have been pulled, hit or grabbed in temper by someone in the home or even worse from preforming sexual acts. The combination of incontinence and the bruise could be as a result of fear of being physically harmed or less likely but still possible result from penetration; or violation of his sexual

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