Essay on Transformation Of The English Language

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Transformation of the English Language by South-East Asian Translingual Writers: A Study on Amitav Ghosh’s The Hungry Tide and Sea of Poppies

Contents Introduction 4
1. English: The Global Language 6
I. English as the global language 6
II. What makes English the global language? 6
III. Versions of English in different localities 8
2. Translingual Writers 10
I. Translingual writers 10
II. Notion of writing in a different language 11
III. Transformation of English by translingual writers 12
3. Amitav Ghosh: A prominent South-East Asian Translingual Writer 14
I. Ghosh’s fiction 14
II. Themes and settings of Ghosh’s fiction 15
III. Borderless world of Amitav Ghosh 16
IV. Language in Ghosh’s novels 17…

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