Transcription, Translation And Replication

1048 Words 4 Pages, (2016). Transcription, Translation and Replication. [Accessed 25 Feb. 2016]. This article examines the importance of the biological processes including transcription, translation and DNA replication. The information in this article includes a thorough clarification of the processes DNA will undertake to make RNA and synthesise proteins. It serves mainly as an informative reference page therefore clearly outlining the stages of translation, transcription, DNA replication and protein synthesis, furthermore proving beneficial to readers desiring to understand the phases involved. This article is valuable to my essay as it provides me with the detailed insight to fully understand the transformation from DNA to RNA to protein synthesis. The page is complete with factual material from a dependable source as ATDbio produces beneficial texts for biology students and was established by Professor Tom Brown, a nucleic acid chemist. Limitations include a lack of simplified language, although reason being it may target an audience that already has a sound understanding in the area, however it still proves a useful source. This material has furthered my understanding in the areas of protein synthesis and therefore has increased the quality of my essay.

Genetics Home Reference, (2016). What is a gene mutation and how do mutations occur?

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